Hi, I'm Eszter from Hungary, 2D animator, character designer and illustrator, currently based in London.

I enjoy creating ugly and absurd things. 


Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work.

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Work Experience:

Oct 2019 -
Red Knuckles - Freelancer:
After being an intern and having the opportunity to work on my own project I was invited to join the team as a freelancer since Feb 2020 and have been creating short self-directed 2D animations for the studio’s social media platforms that are soon going to be published. 


Teaching Assistant - Aylsham Animation Week
Teaching 20 kids to animation for a week from basics to a completed short stop-motion film:


For daily progress photos and videos, visit Aylsham High School's twitter page:


Young Glass Noodle Collective

A collaboration project with Valentína Hučková that evolved into a collective which spans Animation, Illustration and multi-media humour.
Patrick in Town, our graduation project and the pilot episode of our upcoming absurd melodrama, has been selected for Monsters of Film and Geo Film festivals.



BBC Listening Project
Working in a group we created a 2D animation using a given audio by the BBC, each person animating 10 seconds. Our work got selected and is now available to view on their website:

(My part from 00:09-00:19)


Glyndebourne Project
Working in a small team, I took the role of the main character animator and learned how to pitch a project for live clients. Our animation was selected and screened at the Norwich Theatre Royal.



Workshop Assistant
At Ciróka Nursery School in Budapest, I was a teaching assistant at a week-long art summer camp with daily fine art workshops for kids.

Festival Selections:

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